What is youtube shorts video platform?

A study in January 2022 revealed that scrums were pirating popular posts on TikTok to re-post on YouTube shorts.

YouTube Shorts was released as a beta in India in September 2022, following the shutdown of TikTok in India.

YouTube interpreted this as a way to monetize and reward creators for their content, saying there would be a "$100 million fund" distributed during 2021 - 2022.

When the fund was released in 2021, YouTube invited over 3000 creators.

When it was launched, YouTube shorts have been viewed more than 5 trillion times.

YouTube Shorts is a short form video sharing platform offered by YouTube.

Anyone can connect with new people with the help of YouTube shorts.

With the help of youtube shorts, we can get more and more of our subscriber.

With the help of this, we can share our videos to more people.